Merced CA Pest Free Residence Certification

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Silencer Pest Management is introducing a new service for property management professionals and landlords.

Based on years of experience with renters, we came to realize that property managers and landlords are unfairly being saddled with the cost of dealing with 2 particular imported pests. Most properties being rented out are clean and move in ready. Then within 2 to 3 months, the tenant is complaining about roach infestation or now even worse, Bed Bugs! Due to their nature, these pests do not normally move from the neighbors' house as many people claim. They are imported by the current tenant in their household goods! This should not become the responsibility of the property manager or landlord. Pest control is not a service that you are required to provide but many companies will take the hit to keep the tenant happy.

German Cockroach: Rarely seen outdoors unless property is heavily infested. They travel in electronic appliances, refrigerators, furniture and boxes. 95% of the instances we encounter are due to lifestyle choices of the individual. Extremely invasive. Costly to control.

Bed Bugs: Currently the most invasive pest to hit the United States in the last 60 years and the most difficult to control.  They get into literally everything you can touch. The control materials are very expensive and the job is very time consuming. Just as an example, a 1,600 sq. ft. home can cost up to $2,000 for eradication and that’s the cheapest of the 3 treatments available. This pest is not covered under standard pest control services.

There are many people out there who are unwilling to accept responsibility for their lifestyle choices. They feel they can blame it on others in order to avoid the financial consequence associated with these problems.

What we are offering is a certification program whereby you as a property management professional can protect yourself against this issue.

Silencer Pest Management will come to the property and perform an extensive inspection prior to tenant move in. If the inspection results show no pest presence, we will certify the property pest free. This certificate can be added to the rental/lease agreement as an addendum for the prospective tenant to sign with the understanding that they will be responsible for the above mentioned problems upon move out.

Please call us directly for more information and pricing.

Download our Pest Free Residence Certificate.

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